September 14 2005

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September 14th, 2005 (September 14 2005)DeathWilliam Berenberg, American physician (born in 1915)
September 14th, 2005 (September 14 2005)DeathRobert Wise, American filmmaker (born in 1914)
September 14th, 2005 (September 14 2005)DeathVladimir Volkoff, French writer (born in 1932)
September 14th, 1995 (September 14 1995)EventBody Worlds opens in Tokyo, Japan
September 14th, 1995 (September 14 1995)DeathMaurice K. Goddardthe "father" of Pennsylvania state parks
September 14th, 1985 (September 14 1985)BirthPaolo Gregoletto, American bassist (Trivium)
September 14th, 1985 (September 14 1985)BirthAya Ueto, Japanese actress and singer
September 14th, 1985 (September 14 1985)BirthDelmon Young, American baseball player
September 14th, 1975 (September 14 1975)EventThe first American saint, Elizabeth Ann Seton, is canonized by Pope Paul VI.
September 14th, 1975 (September 14 1975)DeathWalter Herbert, German-born conductor and impresario (born in 1902)
September 14th, 1965 (September 14 1965)EventThe opening of the fourth and final period of Second Vatican Council.
September 14th, 1965 (September 14 1965)BirthMichelle Stafford, American actress
September 14th, 1965 (September 14 1965)BirthDmitry Medvedev, President of Russia
September 14th, 1965 (September 14 1965)DeathJ.W. Hearne, English cricketer (born in 1891)
September 14th, 1945 (September 14 1945)BirthMartin Tyler, British sports broadcasterMartin Tyler Quotes
September 14th, 1905 (September 14 1905)DeathPierre Savorgnan de Brazza (Pietro Paolo Savorgnan di Brazza), explorer (born in 1852)
September 14th, 1605 (September 14 1605)DeathJan Tarnowski, Archbishop of Krakow (born in 1550)
September 14th, 1435 (September 14 1435)DeathJohn, Duke of Bedford, regent of England (born in 1389)
September 14th, 0775 (September 14 0775)DeathConstantine V, Byzantine Emperor (born in 718)
September 14th, 0585 (September 14 0585)DeathEmperor Bidatsu of Japan (born in 538)

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