September 14 Events

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September 14th, 2007 (September 14 2007)EventRestrictions on the traditional Latin Mass are officially removed in the Roman Catholic Church as Pope Benedict XVI s motu proprio Summorum Pontificum takes effect.
September 14th, 2003 (September 14 2003)EventIn a referendum Sweden rejects adopting the euro.
September 14th, 2003 (September 14 2003)EventEstonia approves joining the European Union in a referendum.
September 14th, 2001 (September 14 2001)EventHistoric National Prayer Service held at Washington National Cathedral for victims of the September 11 attacks. A similar service is held in Canada on Parliament Hill, the largest vigil ever held in the nation s capital.
September 14th, 1999 (September 14 1999)EventKiribati, Nauru and Tonga join the United Nations.
September 14th, 1998 (September 14 1998)EventTelecommunications companies MCI Communications and WorldCom complete their $37 billion merger to form MCI WorldCom.
September 14th, 1995 (September 14 1995)EventBody Worlds opens in Tokyo, Japan
September 14th, 1994 (September 14 1994)EventThe Major League Baseball season is canceled because of a strike.
September 14th, 1990 (September 14 1990)EventKen Griffey and his son Ken Jr. become the first father-son duo to hit back-to-back home runs.
September 14th, 1987 (September 14 1987)EventITV Schools was broadcast on Channel 4 for the very first time.
September 14th, 1987 (September 14 1987)EventThe Toronto Blue Jays set a major league record for most home runs in a single gameversus the Baltimore Orioles at Exhibition Stadium, and the teams combined to tie the record for most homers by two teams11. The game also marked the end of Cal Ripken s streak of 8,243 consecutive innings played, which is believed to be the longest, although this is not a record officially kept by MLB. Homer Quotes
September 14th, 1984 (September 14 1984)EventJoe Kittinger becomes the first person to fly a hot air balloon alone across the Atlantic Ocean.
September 14th, 1982 (September 14 1982)EventPresident-elect of Lebanon, Bachir Gemayel, is assassinated.
September 14th, 1975 (September 14 1975)EventThe first American saint, Elizabeth Ann Seton, is canonized by Pope Paul VI.
September 14th, 1965 (September 14 1965)EventThe opening of the fourth and final period of Second Vatican Council.
September 14th, 1964 (September 14 1964)EventThe opening of the third period of the Second Vatican Council.
September 14th, 1960 (September 14 1960)EventThe Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is founded.
September 14th, 1959 (September 14 1959)EventThe Soviet probe Luna 2 crashes onto the Moon, becoming the first man-made object to reach it.
September 14th, 1958 (September 14 1958)EventTwo rockets designed by the German engineer Ernst Mohr, the first German post-war rockets, reach the upper atmosphere.
September 14th, 1948 (September 14 1948)EventGroundbreaking for the United Nations headquarters in New York City.
September 14th, 1944 (September 14 1944)EventUnited States Marines land on the island of Peleliu.
September 14th, 1944 (September 14 1944)EventMaastricht becomes the first Dutch city that is liberated by allied forces.
September 14th, 1923 (September 14 1923)EventMiguel Primo de Rivera becomes dictator of Spain.
September 14th, 1917 (September 14 1917)EventRussia is officially proclaimed a republic.
September 14th, 1901 (September 14 1901)EventPresident of the United States William McKinley dies after an assassination attempt on September 6, and is succeeded by Theodore Roosevelt.William McKinley Quotes
September 14th, 1886 (September 14 1886)EventTypewriter ribbon patented.
September 14th, 1862 (September 14 1862)EventCivil War Maryland Campaign Battle of South Mountain is fought.
September 14th, 1847 (September 14 1847)EventMexican-American War: Winfield Scott captures Mexico City.
September 14th, 1829 (September 14 1829)EventOttoman Empire signs the Treaty of Adrianople with Russia, thus ending the Russo-Turkish War.
September 14th, 1814 (September 14 1814)EventFrancis Scott Key writes "The Star-Spangled Banner."Francis Scott Key Quotes
September 14th, 1812 (September 14 1812)EventFrench grenadiers enter Moscow. The Fire of Moscow begins as soon as Russian troops leave the city.
September 14th, 1752 (September 14 1752)EventThe British Empire adopts the Gregorian calendar, skipping eleven days (the previous day was September 2).
September 14th, 1682 (September 14 1682)EventBishop Gore School one of the oldest schools in Wales founded.
September 14th, 1607 (September 14 1607)EventFlight of the Earls from Lough Swilly, Donegal, Ireland.
September 14th, 1180 (September 14 1180)EventBattle of Ishibashiyama in Japan.
September 14th, 0786 (September 14 0786)EventHarun al-Rashid becomes the Abbasid caliph upon the death of his brother al-Hadi.

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